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World's Biggest Esports Tournament Has an Official 2015 Date


The biggest tournament in esports is back this year with an official date and location.

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Are Holographic Arenas the Future of Esports? Maybe Someday...


This concept art mock-up appeared on Team ROCCAT's Facebook page earlier today, and holy crap, it's kind of awe-inspiring. 

If League Of Legends Wants My Viewership They'll Have To Do Better Than Imagine Dragons


Imagine Dragons and Riot Games worked together on a rallying cry for the League of Legends Championship Series. The song, which can be downloaded here, accompanies an animated video charting the journey from amateur to flashing light in the sky. Riot Games and LoL organizations all over the world have been trying to get eSports recognized by the mainstream sporting press as a “real” sport and break into the greater consciousness. Is this video helping them out?

ESPN President Says Esports Are Not Sports


ESPN may have aired Dota 2's $10 million International championship, but don't expect the network to be embracing the esports anytime soon. ESPN president John Skipper recently downplayed Amazon's $970 million acquisition of Twitch in an interview, stating that his network was more interested in "real sports." Ouch.

Twitch.TV Bought by Amazon for $970 Million: The Good, The Bad, and the Potentially Disastarous


Well, after a whirlwind of a day, rife with rumors and speculation, it has been officially announced that Amazon has purchased Twitch.TV for a whopping $970 million. There's obviously a lot of speculation going around still about just what this means for Amazon, for Twitch, and for the gaming community as a whole. Let's break down the facts and make some guesses, shall we?

Amazon May Have Just Snatched from Google [Updated]


UPDATE: Twitch has indeed been purchased by Amazon. The acquisition has been officially confirmed by Twitch itself with a statement from its CEO.

League of Legends World Championship Prize Pool and Schedule Finally Revealed


Riot Games has finally revealed the schedule, format, and prize pool for their annual League of Legends World Championships, which will take place across Asia, culminating in the finals in South Korea. Due to the timezone of this new venue, fans in North America are probably looking at some pretty late nights if you want to watch the entire event.

Dota 2's The International Tournament Breaks Viewership Records for Valve and ESPN


It's not exactly surprising news, but Valve's big Dota 2 tournament, The International, was a smashing success for everyone involved. The competition, which featured a prize pool of almost $11 million (the largest in esports history by far), attracted over 20 million unique online viewers.

Call of Duty Esports Player Suspended by MLG for 'Repeated Harassment'


Evil Geniuses' Patrick "Aches" Price has been suspended by Major League Gaming "due to "repeated harassment of MLG employees and conduct detrimental to the league." As a competitive Call of Duty player, Price will subsequently be barred from four MLG Pro League Matches and the NA 2K Tournament.

Newbee Defeats ViCi to Claim the Dota 2 $5 Million International Grand Prize


After four days of epic battles at Seattle's KeyArena, Chinese team Newbee has beaten out the competition to win the fourth annual Dota 2 International tournament. For their efforts, they've taken home an impressive $5 million grand prize, with runner up ViCi Gaming netting $1,475,699.

ESPN to Broadcast The International: Dota 2's World Championships


Esports have just taken another huge step into mainstream legitimacy. ESPN has announced that they will be broadcasting all of the four remaining days of The International, as well as a preview of the finals on Sunday night.

Valve Considering an International for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Dota 2's The International is, by a wide margin, the most lucrative esports tournament of all time. So far, the community has contributed over $10 million to the prize payout, with over $4 million going to first place alone. It's undoubtedly a huge success for Valve, who developed the game and also manage the competition, so it's no surprise that they're considering how to branch out.

Pro Counter-Strike Player's Stream Crashed by a Real-Life SWAT Team


A pro Counter-Strike player's game got a little bit too real when actual police officers showed up at his house mid-stream. They were apparently called by an anonymous tipster as part of a (very illegal) prank known as "swatting."

Adult Site YouPorn Considering Esports Sponsorships


Esports might be getting a whole lot... sexier? According to a recent tweet, YouPorn (you know what YouPorn is, don't make me explain) is considering sponsoring competitive League of Legends, Dota 2, or Hearthstone players, and wants to know what fans think of that.

Now Even Dota-Newbies Can Enjoy Watching The International


We are smack dab in the midst of the biggest esports tournament of all time (overall prize pool of over $10.5 million and counting!), but for those who are a bit newer to the game, watching the streams can seem a bit daunting. There's the advanced tactics, the pro-level strategy, remembering what all of the items and abilities do, and perhaps most confusing, all of the Dota-lingo. Luckily, one stream is looking out for these people, providing commentary on the matches that keeps things newbie-friendly, while also explaining some of the game's nuances.


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